"UVS Industry Solutions" was founded by Ronald S. Kok (BSc) in 2001. He started with the development of CLOUD applications, user-friendly scheduling software that provided added value to his consultancy services. Although originally intended to be used by consultants and project managers, industrial companies also became very interested in using these applications, so he decided to launch it as a separate product, called OpenICM.

OpenICM has become a revolutionary way to schedule maintenance and to support all kinds of Business Improvement tasks. What makes OpenICM unique is the combination of Competence Management, Resource Management, Production Planning and LEAN / 6Sigma.

Since 2015 development of OpenICM has taken a tremendous leap and we can proudly say that OpenICM has become the most advanced, elaborate Asset management systems in the world. Leveraging deep learning and IIoT connectivity to gain the best asset and maintenance performance while still being easy to use.

November 2015 Eveliene Langedijk joins UVS as CEO and Business Development executive and UVS split into technical consultancy and asset performance, paving the way for further development of both activities.

Since august 2018, UVS Industry Solutions is located at the “Gericke process experience center” in Hoevelaken, The Netherlands. Our new office & facilities allow our clients to experience predictive maintenance in various real life machinery like mixers, pump, screw transport etc.

Today UVS is leading the way utilizing new technologies the enhance business performance and put Industry 4.0 / SMART industry into practice.

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