Container tracking seems simple, take a GPS and track your assets around the world. Never the less, the world exists form a complex system of countries, technologies, laws and regulations. This special project must track land movement of trucks and containers across borders while still maintaining integrity and the ability to report the container / truck status within meters of it’s actual location.

The UVS TERL combines different communication and position measurement technologies and switches to the locally available technology to ensure an optimal. Besides location the sensor also measures acceleration and vibration.

The solution is demolition proof and independent of power sources while it generates it’s own power.

Our customer is now able to track assets around the globe even when they are stored for long periods of time. Direct benefit of this solution is that there are no lost containers, the whereabouts are known so illegal usage can be detected and because of vibration and acceleration is measured insurance claims can be responded to based on data.

Overall company savings are not known, but taking in account that this multimillion dollar company spends 3% of it’s turnaround on insurance claims, the return of investment will be days if not hours.