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Remote EDGE monitoring

Situations with single measurements or geometrically widely spread sensors, you could consider a configuration where devices connect to a cloud based server individually. This is a true IoT concept. This concept has some power management considerations, however it’s the most scalable and flexible configuration.

Private or Public ?

Power management in EDGE networks is key. Simple applications that provide a single on/off state signal use extremely low energy. However taking samples and sending bigger chunks of data more frequently eat up battery power. To ensure the device keeps sending data an external power source like solar panel could be incorporated.

The other things are data limits due to network bandwidth and fair use policy of the network operator.

When you are using LoRA, Multiband or 3G and sharing data with multiple public users, you are pretty much stuck to these limits or take a look at LoRaWAN.

When the collected data is for internal purpose and your organization will process this data, the sky is the limit. You can use any Low energy protocol and hardware and benefit from the technical properties of these technologies.

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