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Our engineers and consultants have years of experience in data analytics and predictive modeling and share this knowledge with you via our extensive library of common assets. The only thing you have to do is assign the right asset-typical to your asset. All properties like failure mode, MTBF and MTTF are automatically assigned.

OpenICM automatically builds “predictive model blocks” that schedule maintenance based on known behavior, usage or key degradation parameters. For all specific situation you can of course add your own models and blocks. A complex story, so see our video and find out that you can really do this your self with a few mouse clicks.

  • Over 80% of all asset types available 
  • Skip long and expensive analyses
  • Easily add or change models to you needs
  • Build knowledge, make is functional
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Gain knowledge without experience or training
  • Reduce costs
  • Easily expand knowledge and control

Planning maintenance based on predictive models is only the beginning. Each model-typical from our library is able to adapt to lessons learned.

Each event or situation confirms or rejects the models outcome, the model will adapt so it’s prediction will improve. You library will exist out of bare models and experienced models, depending our your situation you can coy models and hence experience to new assets, so maintenance will be predicted more precisely just from the start.

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