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Remote Management is a turnkey solution designed for end-users/facility managers to monitor and control their industrial assets online and thereby allowing them to make better operational decisions faster.

Remotely monitor and control your industrial equipment and installations in the field, from the cloud - anytime, anywhere!

eWON Netbiter is a complete hardware and software solution enabling you to remotely manage your installations online!

The HMS remote management solution consists of a “eWON Netbiter” which is a device you connect to the asset / process measurement and a Cloud service “Argos” that collects and visualizes the data. The Argos screens can easily be integrated into any SCADA or Web application.

What does it allow you to do ?

  • Manage multiple sites, equipment and users 24/7
  • Visualize data from remote installations
  • Manage alarms and events
  • Analyze trends and performance
  • Reduce on-site service trips

What’s your benefit?

  • Reduce travel time
  • Gain control
  • Optimize your assets / processes
  • Reduce overall operating costs

How can we help

  • Setup the data connections
  • Setup logging configuration
  • Setup visualization
  • Integrate into you SCADA or Maintenance Management / ERP system
  • Provide custom dash boarding


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