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SMART maintenance is all about FOCUS on what needs ATTENTION and reassessing if your focus points are the right ones.

There are two main indicators that give direction to your maintenance focus. CRITICALITY and OEE. The first one is the basis for reliability and availability (feed forward) and the second is feedback on how assets perform.

Of course there’s more to it, but if we keep these parameters in mind we can already achieve a lot of beautiful things.

In OpenICM (UVS’s answer to SMART predictive asset management) both Criticality and OEE are integrated functionalities, so everything involving maintenance, performance and risks work together to achieve an optimal.

FMECA (criticality) module

Establishing a full FMECA has never been so easy, fast and understandable. Because OpenICM provides failure modes for over a million common assets, the chance that your assets are already part of our library is big, saving you valuable time.

FMECA is a completely digital tool enabling you to corporate with team members, consultants and OEM-ers worldwide.

What’s especially nice is that it integrates with our stock and risk management modules. In this way you have instant feedback on asset criticality impact when stock levels or company values change.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OpenICM helps you to record, analyze and give feedback for OEE records and analyses. You can choose at which abstraction level your analyses will take place / machine / line or component level.

This unique integrated OEE solution enables the recording of intentional & unintentional downtime and root causes.

Maintenance and production have come together… OEE has become more that an indication, it has become food for action.


Download our whitepaper or app and experience how easy it is to start working SMARTER. .

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