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Assets have a function, properties and a history. Important parameters that determine the reliability and future behavior of each asset. For these reasons it can be of vital importance to know your assets.

To enable proper asset management UVS offers software to record and qualify assets by means of smartphone or tablet and a SaaS solution to manage all your assets.

The next step to take is marking and unification of assets so they will be uniformly referred to and automatically recognized by means of barcode, QR or RFID tag. This approach will eliminate losses in communication but also enables connecting information directly to assets and make this information available without searching.

Ones assets are identified and marked all documents, interventions and scheduling can be related to the asset. An autonomically mechanism for self-learning and predictive maintenance is created.

Simple activities and supporting software will create the basis for predictive maintenance and an optimization of asset usage and reliability.


In traditionally managed maintenance departments 60% of spare part stock is misaligned, meaning that qualities of spares are either to small or to big, types of stock items do not match the demand and risk, stock items degrade before usage.

These sad statistics are not necessary when assets and there degradation are known.

OpenICM automatically calculates spare requirements based on past and present risks, asset degradation, logistical lead times and costs.


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