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Do you really know which assets you have, which are critical and do you all know which machine is “the big blue thing in the back”. The start of each good asset management system is knowing what assets you have and how to uniformly identify them.

Fast & Accurate asset recording

We will populate OpenICM according to a logical breakdown structure so you can start using OpenICM right away. but you can als do it yourselfs:

Via an easy to use APP you can turn your tablet or smartphone into an asset recording device. Take pictures, select the device type, brand and place in the system and youre done.


After you recorded all relevant assets, OpenICM will provide you with a fist analyses of failuremodes and breakdown structure.

Based on your assesment of risks and impact OpenICM will calculate criticallity, maintenance and stock requirements based on your goals for availabillity and loss acceptance.


  • Identify assets (type, name, brand)
  • Marking (QR / Code)
  • Record in database
  • Determine MTTF, Failuremode
  • Determine Criticality
  • Generate maintenance schedule
  • Attach documents


  • Clear overview
  • One point of information
  • Primary maintenance schedule
  • Focus points / criticality
  • Breakdown structure


  • Focus on criticality
  • Uniform way of communication
  • No missing and unexpected
  • Base for predictive maintenance

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