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All ERL types are fully expandable with all kinds of additional measurements via the front connector.

Quick measurements (A-Type)

When you need to measure and log data without necessarily setup a communication network or real-time dashboard, the ERL-Basic is something for you.

Just charge, mount and measure. All high resolution data will be stored inside the ERL memory and can be dump to your application or database via WiFi or Bluetooth LE.

Industrial Streaming Data (B-Type)

Integrating wireless sensor technology into your existing OT infrastructure has never more easy. This ERL has all communication protocols embedded. The only thing you have to do is configure the ERL for your situation, charge, mount and measure.

The ERL can stream high resolution data to your OT device or update values based on a fixed interval or event.

Ultimate IoT EDGE Device (C-Type)

Need your measurement in the cloud? ERL-C Type is all you need. Build for minimal energy usage and secure connectivity to four major LoRa networks utilising the most efficient data protocols available.

Although build for long live battery powered operation, connecting external sensors and power sources like solar pannels and wind turbines is also a possible.

Powerfull local data analytics (D-Type)

Ideal for predictive maintenance and remote monitoring. Complete predictive modeling and logic inside the sensor. Configure this ERL the warn for degradation or undesirable situations. 

Connect external sensors and you have created a local control and monitoring system that will operate autonomously and warns when necessary.

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