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Monitoring - Critical Infrastructure

Bridge condition, Water quality, Lighting, Railtrack conditions

Bridges are a vital part of infrastructure. The costs of maintenance are high but the costs due to failure, forced closure or replacement are many times higher.

Traditionally, bridge condition is determined by visual inspections and if there is reason to do so, further investigation or corrective actions are taken. However, this method has many problems,

  • Labor intensive
  • Limitations human eye and perception ability
  • Weather conditions during inspections
  • It is only a Snapshot
  • The relationship between load and dynamic behavior unknown
  • Degradation is not insightful

A reassuring thought, however, is that bridges do not fail from one day to the next. These are processes which take years and become more critical as use and age increases.

By measuring vibration, elongation and deflection of the bridge while taking in account conditions such as load, weather, wind and temperature, we can get a complete picture of the bridge dynamics and its ability to both resist these elements.

  • No unnecessary maintenance
  • Find links between use and behavior
  • Take timely measures
  • Reduce maintenance and inspection costs

TAP offers a complete solution to get a complete inside into your bridge behaviour, usage and condition. For most steel bridges this is an out of the box solution that can be implemented within a day.

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