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Retrieving data from machines can benefit both operations and maintenance. Enabling you to integrate data from remote systems into your SCADA or HMI gives real-time information on your process status. On the other hand status information from your assets can be of vital importance to your maintenance activities.

What does Remote Data allow you to do ?

  • Gather time stamped machine data centrally (alarms, KPI, set point, consumption, etc.)
  • Use of create your own remote HMI
  • Collect data from the field to create added-value services
  • Access your machine remotely

Why choose eWON Remote Data ?

  • All major protocols embedded (incl. legacy) for data acquisition
  • Open and easy for third party integration
  • Multiple ways to acquire data
  • Capability of storing up to 1 million data points locally

How can we help

  • Setup of the data connections
  • Setup logging configuration
  • Integrate into you SCADA or Maintenance Management / ERP system

Data is one thing, but we can take you much further... UVS has long been specialized in SMART Predictive Maintenance allowing you to forecast maintenance based on machine behavior. HMS hardware connected to and equipped with UVS logic does just that. Find out how to benefit form remote solutions...

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