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Monitoring - Critical Infrastructure

Bridge condition, Water quality, Lighting, Railtrack conditions

Safety of people using publicroads can be at danger when the road surface is demaged, poluted or there is debree on the road. Image what happens when a motor driver hits a bean at high speed or a car tire is ruptured due to put holes.

To prevent this from happening roads are inspected after modification and at a weekly interval. At present these inspections are done by road inspectors, a very time consuming and resource intensive operation. Each part of a public road must be inspected, recorded and judged meter by meter. To enlighten this process a unique monitoring system has been developed.

The solution records and detects abnormalities in the road surface and reports attention points to road management. Based on the reports follow-up and action can be scheduled.

Both the necessary hardware as well as the software solution are very easy implemented without altering the existing systems. This makes this solutions low key, high impact.

The solution saves 80% of the manpower and shortens the time needed to record and inspection from days to hours.

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