To protect our environment and minimize the usage of natural resources, UVS offers adaptive lighting. This concept of turning lighting on or off depending on road usage saves over 60% of energy usage.

This small scale project covering 3 Km of road proves the be a great energy saver while having no impact on safety or usability.

Bridges have many dynamic parameters that influence degradation and hence reliability and availability of the object. Although bridges are well designed, the intensity by which bridges are used increases beyond original design. Measurement of actual load and bridge behavior must give more insight as to the status of the bridge condition.

UVS ERL / EVDL measurements provided a complete perspective on bridge the condition, integrated measurements and modeling from weather, vibration, bending, alignment, tension and temperature.

The measurement configuration has been applied without obstruction of the existing construction and controls. Initially the measurements are applies wirelessly and powered via solarpanels.

Due to the measurements a reliable 3x times longer maintenance interval could be determined. Furthermore the relationship between bridge usage and degradation could be determined and appropriate action have been taken.

Road condition inspections are a very time consuming and resource intensive operation. Each part of a public road must be inspected, recorded and judged meter by meter. To enlighten this process UVS in collaboration with iAsset developed an automated system for road surface monitoring.

The solution records and detects abnormalities in the road surface and reports attention points to road management. Based on the reports follow-up and action can be scheduled.

Both the necessary hardware as well as the software solution are very easy implemented without altering the existing systems. This makes this solutions low key, high impact.

The solution saves 80% of the manpower and shortens the time from inspection to recording and measure from days to hours. The biggest advantages are the increased safety for public using the roads and the effectiveness of road maintenance.