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The ERL sensor / HUB has especially been designed to provide high resolution measurements without the need for wiring or external power supply. This makes ERL an ideal device for brown field systems where modification of the existing control system is not desired or to expensive.

What makes this sensor SMART or even SMARTER... the device can easily be configured and programmed to detect behavioral changes and trends as they occur in time and warn if necessary. This combines low bandwidth usage with high-resolution measurement capabilities.

The first true industrial grade wireless IIoT solutions, secure, reliable and rugged. Designed to support predictive maintenance applications.

We have made it easy to connect this device directly to the cloud or to a local PLC or PC. Via a simple Bluetooth APP you define where to connect to and your done.

  • Battery powered
  • Wireless (WiFi, LoRa etc.)
  • Internal memory upto 64Gb
  • Data (pre)processing
  • Send messages based on limits
  • Connect upto 12 extra measurements
  • IP68 (dust and water resistant)
  • Applicable in Ex environments
  • High resolution upto 8kHz
  • Supports ProfiNET, DeviceNET, Modbus TCP/IP and I/O Link.
  • Small size 100x40x40 mm
Download the ERL FlyerView Sensor PROMO

One HUB, multiple measurements

The sensor / HUB is equipped with 3D acceleration, 3D gyroscopig measurements and can be expanded with up to 12 external sensors without configuration, just connect a new node and data is collected, stored, analyzed and send to a server or the cloud when necessary.

Operational Specifications

Vibration measurementLinear acceleration measurement range 16 g
Angular rate measurement range ±2000 dps
Linear acceleration sensitivity 0,061 mg
Angular rate sensitivity8,75 mdps
acceleration linearity / temperature ±1,5 %
angular linearity / temperature±2,0 %
Operating temperature range-40 up to +85 oC
TemperatureOperating temperature range-40 up to +150 oC
Ambient temperature±0,5 oC
Pointed IR temperature±1,0 oC
Power consumptioncharging5V - 120mA
operatingbattery / 5V – 20mA
monitoringbattery / 5V – 23mA
standby battery / 20uA leaking
Approvals & Certificatescertificate included for parts and assemblyCE
compliant on electronic partsFCC
submitted for approvalUL
up to 1200mAh not applicable.Ex
Design conform, certificate for Ex and HACCP type includedHACCP
submitted for approvalTUV
planned 2nd quarter 2019KEMA
planned 2nd quarter 2019VDE


Download our whitepaper or app and experience how easy it is to start working SMARTER. .

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