Your customers have an increasing demand on trace ability, compliance and safety. Keeping up with these demands while still delivering high quality products within time and budget more often seems impossible.

At the same time knowledge and engineering capabilities @ your customers is limited and diminishing. 

TAP-Group offers project services making sure customer expectations are clear and requirements are met while your engineers focus on the delivery of your product.

Pharmacy- and Food-producing customers mainly adopt GAMP4/5 for their GMP related projects. 

Because this method gives solid structure to projects an increasing amount of NON-GMP and NON Pharmacy customers adopt GAMP4.

TAP project-workers are GAMP & Prince II certified and experienced to execute projects most efficient.

Health & Safety

Work and product safety is a concern of us all. However each customer has different dangers and ways to manage safety.

TAP safety consultants know or learn rules and requirements and translates these into workable methods, forms and guidance for workers going onsite.

• Permit management & Toolboxes

• Signage / fencing (permanent, temporary)

• Safety officer / local supervision / fireguard

• Lifting-plans

• Translation customer requirements

• TRA & method Statements

Control & Traceability

There is good reason to keep track of all communication and documents that travel between you and your customer.

All communication transferred via TAP services will be archived and foreseen from metadata enabling you to trace sequence of events.

• Document Control List (DCL)

• Response time analyses and monitoring

• Proper / structured archiving

Compliance Management

Building equipment and entire plants without complying to customer or local / international rules and regulations is unthinkable. But what to comply to?

TAP compliancy service provides clear inside into what to comply to and in most case how to comply to these requirements.

• Align with international & customer regulations

• Calibration & Validation

• Design & change traceability

• Translate customer requirements into technical requirements
• Provide evidence of compliance

• Review designs in relation to required compliance

• Define signage, labeling, escape routing and alarming

• Proving all applicable norms NEN1010, NEN3140, PGS13.....

Requirements definition

Customers possess a lot of knowledge concerning there systems which their often do not see as import or forget to put in a requirements specification. However certain information can make or break your project.

To enable contractors to make a matching quotation that includes all technical and non-technical challenges, TAP supports even before the project is rewarded. After project reward TAP will translate all information into project requirements.

• Challenge URS and customer information provided

• Side survey

• Benchmark calculation and requirements assessment

• Risk identification

• Deliverables identification

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